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The true story of Cappucciet red
di Mary,Silvia e Vale


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Once upon a time there was a little girl called Cappucciet Red.
One day her mamma dised:"Uč Cappucciet, take the cest to the nonn that sta a little bit nguaiat.But attent at the lup that is very very cattiv...Go, and torn prest...and in bocc at the lup!".Cappucciet hadn't capit the last word of her mamma and she become very perplessed but in any case she took the cest and her red cappucc ( of course it wasn't blue)and went away.Salt ke ti salt, while she was walking in the bosc she saw some beautiful flowers and decided to take it to the nonn so she was a little more content.Cogl here, cogl there, the littkle girl met the lup and begun to cac under herself of fear."What are you doing hre, little girl, the bosc is dangerous" he dissed."I'm cogling the flowers for the nonn"answered she and sorrided.The lup pensed"chesta 'o vero č scema" but dissed only"Ok Little pretty(stupid)girl...I have to go, I have a lot of thing to do...I must pulezz the house, mang the nonn...mmmmh...the carn...Cią cią!" And he went away and corsed to the house of the nonn while Cappucciett continued to cogl the flowers.When the lup arrived to the catapekky of the non he bussed"Tocchete toc...""Chi is?"asked the nonn"I'm Cappucciett "dissed the lup..."Entr"bisbiglied the vekkin a little bit ciakkatell.And the lup trased and manged the nonn and rutted .Then he put on her vest and aspetted Cappucciet.She came very tard and the lup was very sfastriated...She bussed:"Tras"urled the lup.Cappucciet trased and she blokked.She watched the nonn-lup, then a photo of the nonn, then the lupand...she asked:"What a big nose have you got nonn, are you carut 'rą scala".The lup pensed a lot of bad thing about Cappucciett but he dissed only"It is to sent megl the puzz of the lup if he arrives".Cappucciet was perplessed.In fact the lup was very ugual to the nonn...with a little bit of pel more magar...but very similar.So the little girl dissed:"Ah, and what a big bracc have you got nonn!"."It is to abbracc you megl my dear!".She answered:"Ah,and what a big bocc...."At this moment the lup was so sfastriated that he manged Cappucciet and only after the digestionhe answered her:"It is to mang you megl...ahahah!".Then he begun to dorm( Cappucciett was a little bit pesant).While he was dorming a cacciator passed and pensed that there was something strange.So he entred in the Catapekky and understood that the lup and manged Cappucciett and the nonn.So he araped the panz of the lup, he took the two scem that were already entering in the intestin of the lup(exspecially the nonn that was manged a lot of time prim), and he put some pret in the panz of the lup.After that he took the nonn and the girl to Cappucciett's house where the mamma was waiting to scomm Cappucciet 'e sang.And they lived happily forever, a part the lup that hadn't capit why Cappucciet had been so pesant for his stomach.
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